About Us -Truck Depot

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About us - the truck depot backstory.

About Us - The Truck Depot

Let’s give a brief history about the truck depot. In 2012 a young truck driver /owner-operator approached a landowner in Troutdale Oregon seeking a remedy for the issue every truck driver struggles with. He needed a safe place to park his truck. That young driver convinced the landowner to rent his unruly & overgrown land to him to park his truck. Within a couple of months, other drivers approached Aurel Davidyan, that young truck owner, asking if they could park their trucks for a monthly fee. A business was born.

Ten years later, today The Truck Depot operates in multiple locations across the western United States. With a new HQ where it all started in Fairview Oregon. With secure truck parking, warehousing, and cross-docking services. Offering drivers lounges, to relax and rest, and onsite bathrooms with showers for male and female drivers.

We welcome customers as long-term and overnight guests at our Portland, St. Louis, and Dallas TX. locations and growing across Americthe truck depot

Easy Parking

Easy Access within short distances to Logistic hubs

Short-Term Truck Parking

Short-term overnight truck parking for reset parking to meet those DOT regulations

Long Term Truck Parking

Long-term storage parking for residential customers needing a safe and secure base of operations for thier trucks when home.

About us and the services that the truck depot offers.

Truck Repairs/Service

Some locations offer On-site repair and service facilities to ensure that your trucks are operating safe and reliably. If your not reliably on the road, your not making money.

Warehousing Services

Warehouse storage services, and cross-docking are available all to ensure you are effective and efficient with your loads.

Drivers Services

From clean bathrooms to onsite showers and relaxing drivers lounges and onsight vending machines we make sure drivers can relax and recharge.

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Parking Options and Rates

Overnight Parking

$ 35
  • Easy Access to Secured Parking
  • Safety for Drivers, Equipment, & Freight
  • Central Freight Locations

Long Term Parking

$ 385
  • Easy Access to Secured Parking
  • Safety for Drivers, Equipment, & Freight
  • Central Freight Locations