Aurel Davidyan

—— Taking Care of Drivers & Their Business

A brief history of the truck depot. In 2012 a young truck driver /owner-operator approached a landowner in Troutdale Oregon seeking a remedy for the issue every truck driver struggles with. He needed a safe place to park his truck. That young driver convinced the landowner to rent his unruly & overgrown land to him to park his truck. Within a couple of months, other drivers approached Aurel Davidyan, that young truck owner, asking if they could park their trucks for a monthly fee. A business was born.

Ten years later, today The Truck Depot operates in multiple locations across the western United States. With a new HQ where it all started in Fairview Oregon. With secure truck parking, warehousing, and cross-docking services. Offering drivers lounges, to relax and rest, and onsite bathrooms with showers for male and female drivers.

Our Mission

Vision: To create an accessible and safe environment for semi-truck drivers to park their vehicles while on the road.

Mission: “We strive to provide a convenient and secure parking facility for semi-truck drivers with the goal of giving them a safe place to rest and relax during their long journeys. We are committed to providing top-level customer service while making sure our facilities remain cost-effective and secure.”

Meet the Team

Team Members