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23012 NE Sandy Blvd 
Portland, OR 97060


Portland Port Facility
9333 N Time Oil Road, Portland, OR 97203
Portland Industrial Facility
8101 NE 14th Place, Portland, OR 97211
St. Louis MO Facility
7601 Hall St., St. Louis, MO 63147
Industrial Facility #2
8101 NE 11th Place, Portland, OR 97211


(866) 775-2329 (PRK2DAY)


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Parking FAQs

Unfortunately at the current time, we do not offer refunds for overnight parking spaces that are not used. 


All but one of Truck Depot’s parking facilities are fenced and secured. 


For our Long-Term customers, there is an agreement/contract that is signed and in the agreement, a customer must give truck depot llc a WRITTEN notice that they are going to no longer be a long-term customer of truck depot llc 30 days prior to no longer parking. If this is done and you are accidentally charged again, we will refund any incorrect charges you incur.


In the event that this can happen rarely, please call the following phone number 24/7/365 and let them know. In the mean time do go ahead and park in any available space you can find. Your vehicle is a paying customer and the fact that we have your vehicle details in your account assures that you will not be towed or fined in any way.


Upon paying for your overnight parking you will get a receipt for your payment and in the receipt message, you will find the entry gate code if your selected location requires a gate code.


In most of our parking facilities we have an area for you to park your regular vehicle while working on the road, but in the event that there is nothing available you may absolutely park your vehicle where you normally park your truck.