Top (Only) 5 Semi Truck Parking Spots in Portland Oregon in 2023

We have put together a short list of the top 5 semi truck parking businesses that drivers can make a reservation at to ensure they have a safe place to park while in the Portland Oregon area. Let’s face it, with the long days of trucking, the increased volume of goods being shipped across the nation, and the HOS laws mandating stops finding a safe place to park your seventy-five feet of truck to rest keeps getting more difficult. One of the hottest markets or lanes for truck traffic is the interstate 84 lanes of Oregon and Portland Oregon is anemic when it comes to offering a safe supply of truck parking. Below is our list of the top five facilities that offer semi-truck parking in Portland Oregon currently in 2022.

  1. The Truck Depot Troutdale: Now here is an independent company that is solely focused on being a semi truck parking facility. This location is based in the small community of Troutdale Oregon. They offer semi-truck parking to drivers both for daily overnight parking and long-term monthly parking. This company has been operating at this same location since they began in 2012 and on this site, there is more than just semi truck parking to help owner-operators be more effective. The Troutdale location is at 23901 NE Sandy Blvd Troutdale OR 97060 and they offer cross-docking and truck repairs on this site as well. They are right off interstate 84 at exit 16. There is a Walmart within walking distance and fast food as well. But what about if you have a need for more amenities?
  2. Number 2 on our list is based on exit 17 in Troutdale. TA Travel Stop Troutdale: Located at 790 NW Frontage Rd. Troutdale OR 97060. Everyone knows this national chain of truck stops but they are a haven and true to the point of being a top-notch truck stop. They offer fuel service fueling for both trucks and passenger cars. TA offers the following in addition to the ability to fuel up. Country Pride Restaurant for full service sit breakfast, lunch, and dinners. They have fast food with a subway and Popeyes chicken. They also offer full-service maintenance services for trucks. Finally, they offer an online reservation system for parking spots as well as a driver’s lounge and other convivence services. Reservation per night is $22 and keep in mind this a truck stops so it is not a secured lot like the truck depot lots are gated and secured. Make your reservations early while on the road as they are usually full by7pm the night of parking. They are a fine truck stop and offer fast on and off freeway access.
  3. Next is the neighbor to TA. Our number three is Loves Travel Stop in Troutdale: Located at400 NW Frontage Rd. Troutdale OR 97060. If you are a truck driver, I am sure you know the Loves brand and have been in at least one of these truck stops in your travels across the USA. The Troutdale location offers fuel services similar to any truck stop including truck services and DEF service. They offer food selections in Restaurants of Chester’s Chicken and Loves Pizza. They also offer private showers, laundry services, scales, and financial services. They have a good amount of overnight parking but making a reservation to hold a space is not listed on their site so you might need to use a third-party app as well as they do not offer secured parking.
  4. Our 4th entry is a little bit off i-84 but very well known. Jubitz Truck Stop: Located at 10210 N Vancouver Way Portland OR 97217. Now here is a nationally famous truck stop. Since the fifties, the Jubitz truck stop has taken great care of drivers from all over the nation making Portland one of their stops. Jubitz offers the following in services to drivers on top of being a full-service fuel and services facility:
  5. Our number 5 is in the same family as The Truck Depot, The Truck Depot – Fairview: This is the most recent entry of the semi truck parking truck depot family of locations. Located at 2301 NE Sandy Blvd this was under construction and near completion when this story was written. This is a brand-new facility that is actually the company’s new headquarters as well. It boasts 100 plus paved parking spaces, a 20,000 plus square foot warehouse and cross-dock, driver’s lounge, showers, site Wi-Fi, full service and repair shop, all fully fenced ad gated security for drivers’ peace of mind. A short 100 yards away is a full-service Walmart Supercenter and fast-food restaurants. As with all truck depot locations you can reserve and pay for your parking space online directly with the in-house reservation system.

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