Truck Depot, an Oregon-based national provider of secure semi-truck parking and services facilities, announced the grand opening of its newest facility and corporate headquarters at 23012 NE Sandy Blvd in Fairview Oregon around October 15th, 2022.

This recent announcement comes after a two-year process to build out the company’s most advanced private truck parking and services facility in Fairview Oregon. Offering a safe solution to the trucking industry’s most prolific epidemic of the lack of truck short-term (overnight) and long-term (monthly) parking, they have moved to the forefront of an industry desperately in need of even more truck depot-like facilities.


As one of the only single “one-stop shop” companies in the US serving the trucking and logistics industry with the best solution to the national truck parking crisis, the truck depot continues to grow across the continental United States from the west coast eastward aggressively.


CEO, Aurel Davidyan, stated The Truck Depot offers safe and secure locations to get rest, service their trucks, comply with hours-of-service DOT regulations, and get back on the road and down to business. We are excited about the future of the truck depot, truck depot services, and truck depot warehousing and proud of our history as we begin the second chapter of the truck depot story.”

The Truck Depot is the only of its kind serving the logistics industry with safe and secure overnight and monthly ruck parking plus warehousing, cross-docking, drivers lounge, bathrooms/showers, and truck repair services conveniently in one place. Headquartered in Fairview Oregon the Truck Depot has been a safe haven for drivers, and companies, and now will be offering the newest facility in Fairview Oregon.

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