The Solution to the Truck Parking Crisis

Why Choose Truck Depot?

Truck Depot offers safe and secure truck parking in the Pacific Northwest & across the nation. We offer secure gated and monitored truck parking with amenities such as clean restrooms, showers, driver’s lounges, warehousing & cross-docking, and truck service and repairs all onsite. The Truck Depot locations ensure your rest, safety, and profitability while driving the open roads. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to offer secure truck parking, Yard services, Warehousing Services, and Truck Service & Repairs across Portland OR, Tacoma & Seattle WA, Dallas Texas, and St. Louis MO.

Cross-Docking as Part of a Nationwide Network

Easy Access to Secured Parking

Reserve Space with locations in Portland, Tacoma, St. Louis, and Dallas Texas.

Safety for Drivers & Equipment

Fully Secured, Monitored Parking Yards, Clean Restrooms, Lounges.

Central Freight Locations

Current Locations at Portland, Tacoma Ports, St. Louis MO, Dallas TX.

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